ETFE 100W or 115W semi flexible solar panel 2FFM002

Model: 2FFM002

100W or 115W flexible solar panel For 

RV, Motorhome,Caravans, 

Marine yacht, Boat, Fleet, Ships,

camping,LED lighting etc applications.

100w-115W  Flexible solar panels(Moudles) for RV, Caravan, Marine, sailboat, houseboat, trawlers, ships,  LED lighting , camping, charger etc;

100w or 115W(4*8cells) flexible solar panel performance:

power of solar panel 100W 115W
output voltage 18.05V 18.20V
output current 5.72A 6.40A
weight 1.75kgs(without backglue)
dimension 1051*545mm(back junction box) 1121*545mm(front junction box)

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