LED Solar Garden/Pathway Light with Flexible Solar Panel

Model: 2FSG154

♦LED Solar Garden Light with Flexible solar panel and PIR motion sensor;

♦High efficiency Flexible solar cell with flexible shape;

♦Li-ion Battery high quality put inside on top of the round box.

15W LED Solar Garden light with Flexible Solar Panel and PIR motion sensor

2FSG154 use semi flexible solar panel:

High Brightness LED Light under Flexible Solar Panel

Li-ion battery put inside of round box on pole.

15W Flexible(Wave) Solar Garden Light 2FSG154 Characteristics

Flexible Monocrystalline solar panel: Use flexible solar panel high efficiency, lifespan is up to 25 years;

Light Source: LED is characterized by high luminous efficacy, CREE brand, light brightness, low depreciation, long lifetime. with PIR motion sensor to save energy;

Controller: MPPT function, optically control, time control, anti-charge, anti-overdischarge and short circuit resistance;

Pole material: Aluminum alloy pole good quality. if need steel material with hot galvanized processed cost is cheaper choice.

Intelligent remote controller: Smart handheld remote controller can read and set up different work time, different brightness power. it shows the voltage and current of solar panel and battery, intelligently to manage solar light.

Working time: Automatically turn on in night and turn off at day. normally work 5w power, once touch motion sensor would work full power 15W, without motion sensor after 20S back to normal  5W work power.

15W LED flexible solar garden light datasheet

power of Flexible solar panel65W
Lithium battery capacity11.1v/30Ah
power of light15W
Color temperature(CTT)4000-5000K
working temperature-20℃-60℃
Total height3.9m
recommend distance between light10-15m
wind resistance27m/S
rainy or cloudy days last2-3days


15W wave solar garden light project located in Xiamen, China 2FSG154 4

2FSG154 5

2FSG154 6

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