2000W Solar Multi-Function E-Car Charging Pole with Tracking System

Model: 2FSA010

  • 2000w SUNFLOWER solar charging station with solar panels tracking system
  • For E-Car backup charger;
  • For phone charger;
  • For any electrical devices charger not bigger than 2000W power at the same time charged.

2000W Solar Multi-Function E-Bike Charging Pole with Tracking System


Model: 2FSA010

9pcs flexible solar panel with high efficiency

APPLICATIONS for The Solar E-Car


In fact, the solar E-Bike is designed by SUNFLOWER simulation solar power system, integrating solar power generation, energy storage, inverter, and controller. The Solar E-Car is suitable for installation in Landscapes, gardens, villages or other places. Besides, it is also suitable for charging electric Car and mobile phones, as well as lighting, camera systems, WIFi, and so on.

Advantages for The Solar E-Car


  • Flexible monocrystalline solar panel: lifetime more than 25 years
  • Battery: special for the solar system
  • Intelligent control: support remote data monitoring controll
  • Basic Function: 3pcs 220V AC output and 3pcs USB phone charger
  • Intelligent solar tracking system: flexible solar panels truck up sunshine automatically
  • Optional function: WIFI/NFC/APP/QR code/Camera/Lighting.

Specifications as Below

Flexible solar panels
Solar panel type2000w
Power Output
Inverter output2000W
AC Output220V/50HZ(3pcs)
DC OutputDC5V/2A(3pcs)
LED light power1W*3pcs
Dimension and Weight
Total Weight900KGS
Total Height4.4m
Solar Tracking
Tracking/Control typeVertical single axis, leaning type time control
Azimuth range+/- 90 degree(Automotive)
Pitch angle range0 degree to 45 degrees (four levels upon installation)
Battery capacity18V/100Ah
Battery typeGel battery
Environmental  Adaptability
Working temperature-20 degree to 60 degree
Anti-Salt sprayIt can withstand salt corrosion in the coastal area.


Frong side 1200w high efficiency flexible solar panels 

Backside with high-end material Glass fiber(FRP)

Inverter/intelligent control system/ battery all in one inside of the pole, waterproof IP65

Battery inside of pole

Multi-function for lighting, camera, tracking system

For E-Car charger and USB phone charger(Basic function)

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