2KW power solar charging station with Flexible solar panels tracking system

Model: 2FPS035

  • 2KW power solar charging pole with Flexible solar panels tracking system
  • For electrical vehicle backup charger;
  • For phone charger;
  • For any electrical devices charger not bigger than 3000W power at the same time charged.

2KW power solar charging station with Flexible solar panel tracking system 2FPS035 model



this product sun tracking system design of solar power supply system. it gathers solar power generation, energy storage, inverter, tracking control in one which can be used to supply long-term power for small and medium-size electrical equipments in scenic sites, park, villages, barracks, outposts, communications base stations and other places.


In addition to the traditional distributed solar power station of safe, reliable, long life, no energy consumption, no pollution etc, they also have the follow characteristics:

  1. novel and beautiful model,use Sun tracking design, combined with color matching, and the use of new manufacturing process, so that product is complete different from the traditional PV power plant of blunt,  make it easy for the photovoltaic power station to join the public life;
  2. High power generation efficiency use flexible monocrystalline silicon solar panel, the conversion rate is up to 25%, with smart tracking function, the power generation efficiency is 40% higher than the traditional glass encapsulation solar PV system;
  3. small occupancy. as a result of the tree structure, the entired product covers an area of less than 1 square meter, circularsolar leaves provide shadow for the publilc to rest;
  4. easy installation. as the main rod integrate cabinet, battery cabinet, solar bracket, the number of product components are greatly reduced, the entire product only need an installation base, greatly reducing the installation workload;
  5. on grid solar system expansion. if need, it can be designed to be on grid power generation and directly join to the grid, to achieve a larger power supply appliations, you can also include the romote monitoring function, to achieve intelligent operational management network.


Flexible solar panels
Solar panel typeUS SUNPOWER flexible solar cells
Total solar power2KW, 9pcs solar leaves
monolithic solar panel216w/40V/5.4A, fleixble solar panel combined with FRP(glass fiber materials)
panel combination3 groups in series and 3 groups in Parallel
Power output
inverter output3000VA, AV110V/60HZ or AC230V50HZ
DC OutputDC5V/1A(4A max)
Dimension and Weight
Total Weight1130KGS
Total Height4.8m(45 degree inclination)
Disc Diameter4.6m
Solar Tracking
Tracking/Control typeVertical single axis, leaning type time control
Azimuth range+/- 90 degree(Automotive)
Pitch angle range0 degree to 45 degree(four levels upon installtion)
Tracking power consumption<10Wh/day
Battery capacity48V/200Ah
Battery typeGel battery
Battery specification12V/200AH*4pcs
Environmental  Adaptability
Working temperature-40 degree to 60 degree
Protection degreeIP24
Anti-Salt spraycan withstand salt corrosion in coastal areas

 Sun tracking solar panel base picture:2FPS035 3

 Sun tracking solar panel front side picture:

 Sun tracking charger display:2FPS035 4

2FPS035 5


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