8W and 12W Portable and Foldable solar charger 2FMC341-2FMC361

8W(2FMC361) and 12W(2FMC341) Portable and Foldable solar charger

  • 8W and 12W solar power to charge mobile phone backup power;
  • As good gift to clients with your brand;
  • nice design and functional.


12W and 8W Portable and Foldable solar charger for phones


portable solar charger has beem widely to business travle,camping and outdoor activities. charge power for mobile phones, pad, power bank digital devices which at 5V imput.

portble solar charger Features:

  • Foldable, lightweight,  portable, easy to use;
  • Beautiful and fashionable;
  • High efficiency, rapid charging, balancing technology;
  • strong weatherability, wide range of application.

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