XIAMEN NEWLIGHT ENERGY CO.,LIMITED is located in Xiamen city which is a tourism nice place. we focus on renewable energy which is dedicated at solar and LED lighting products, we have 10 pieces flexible solar panel laminated machine,8 pieces LED lamp assemble lines,high technique test equipment, strong sales team,good maintenance service. According to customers requirements, We do good quality and unique design to meet customers need.

we have developed Panosonice New Tech high efficiency Flexible solar panel up to 22-23%, competitive price and use to different applicatons.

ETFE Semi-Flexible SUNPOWER Monocrystalline solar panel :

Adopt USA SUNPOWER solar cell to laminate solar panel, high efficiency 25%, power normally produce from 25W-150W. with below advantages:

because of flexible solar panels, can be made different structures, mostly promoting to below solutions:

  • FOR LED lighting flexible solar panel, solar street light, solar garden light, solar bollard light;
  • FOR RV, solar vehicle flexible solar panel ;
  • FOR marine and fleet flexible solar panel ;
  • FOR camping and solar charger ;
  • FOR other applications, solar power system, solar roof system etc.

Product ranges cover as below,

Flexible solar panel series:

Panasonic New Tech high efficiency flex solar panel;

Sunpower high efficiency flex solar panel;

Solar Lighting series:

  • LED solar street light;
  • LED solar garden light;
  • LED solar pathway light;
  • LED solar bollard light;
  • LED solar wall light;

Solar system:

  • fixed solar power system, Sunflower solar charging station, solar pole for phone fast charger;
  • portable solar power system;
  • solar camera CCTV;

Solar chargers-Blanket type:

Portable and foldable solar chargers

Base on the three philosophies:

Simple but not single”; 

high efficiency and practical”;

Save energy, Lighting up your life”;

we are consistently creating the products which are innovative, practical, durable,competitive price.

Our products have sold to all over of the world, Middle America CARIBBEAN Countries, European, South&North America,Australia, middle east area and Asia. we are looking for local distributor, promoting our solar and LED products which are on the way of sustainability, energy-saving, environment-friendly to light up your life.

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