HIT Flexible Solar Panel

HIT Flexible Solar Panel


♥ Double-sided power generation

The double-sided light absorption of the cells can be packaged into double-glass module,Rear power generation can increase power generation gain by 10%-20%.

♥ High Efficiency

HDT solar cells adopt high conductive metallic bars technology, and the conversion efficiency is improved by 10%-20% compared with traditional crystalline silicon cells.

♥ Excellent temperature performance

The power coefficient of the cell is lower than -0.268%/°C. Compared with thetraditional crystalline silicon cell, the temperature coefficient is reduced by 40% under high temperature environment which result in the power generation increaseby 6-9%.

♥ High stability

The cell adopts N-type single crystalline silicon cell has no PID and LETID effect into the anti-high temperature technology. Compared with the traditionacrystalline silicon cell, the light-induced attenuation rate is reduced by 50%.