Solar Blanket

Solar Blanket

Solar Blanket use real semi flexible solar cell like IBC, PERC, HIT high efficiency to customize. it is foldable size easy to carry, lightweight but high power to output.

Solar Blanket is the best kit for portable solar power system, good for solar car, solar camping outside campaign, for emergency backup to charge phones, 12V or 24V batteries to power hot water, cook etc electronic devices.

Newlight Energy manufacturing different style for solar blanket, ETFE frontsheet and laminated reinforcing plate to avoid break, keep high quality while carry on panel, provide customized power and design.visit us at:

Solar Blanket VS Solar Panel

Choosing between portable solar panels vs portable solar blankets comes down to how often you travel:

If it is weekly or monthly, then use either depending on which will save money, of course, the weight will always be a consideration.

If you are touring some cities and doing the Big Lap then you will definitely be looking for the lightest and easiest setup option.

If you are a weekend camper, portable solar panels are the best option. They are less expensive and give you flexibility in where to move them while still giving off enough power for your needs. Plus they work well if all of your necessities fit inside one bag! The downside is that these panels can be bulky and heavy but only an issue when carrying more than just what’s necessary with you when you camp.

When it comes to campers, solar blankets really are the best option as you don’t want something bulky or too expensive on your roof rack. The great thing about these is they are lightweight and easy to store when it’s not in use.

With the rise in popularity of nomads and full-time travellers, many people are opting to invest in a solar panel system. Fixed panels can be cost-effective for those who plan on staying put, but they lack flexibility as you will need to park your vehicle near direct sunlight so that it is charging at all times. Portable solar panels for camping might be best for your situation and needs.

How to use Solar Blanket

The best thing about using a solar blanket is that you can charge your devices without the need for any cables or power outlets. You just have to place the blanket on your car or connect it to other devices and enjoy unlimited outdoor charging for electronic gadgets.

The first thing you should do is check the type of port used for charging your device. You can then use a cord that fits this port perfectly and connect it to the solar blanket. Next, you must ensure that the blanket is placed in an area where there is enough sunlight so that power generation becomes easy.

Lay the solar blanket flat on a surface, such as your car roof. This helps the cells in the blanket receive sunlight and charge your devices quickly.

Alternatively, you can use the legs if the solar blanket has them and tilt the blanket towards the sun. You can then move them around and follow the sun as needed.

If you want to use a solar blanket for powering lamps, or other larger appliances, then you must connect it to the 12-volt lighter socket available in your car. You can also directly connect it with battery clamps and use it for jump-starting. Or charge a battery directly.

Since solar blankets are very easy to carry and install without any hassle, you can take them on your Big Lap for boosting your existing solar system, camping trips, and day trips to have access to power everywhere.