Solar Blanket

Best Solar Blanket Manufacturer

Discover an unlimited power supply wherever your adventure takes you with Newlight energy solar blanket. Purpose-built to accompany you on your travels, our solar blankets are perfect for harnessing free power from the sun when you’re out on the road and want to put some power back into your battery set up.

Designed for portability and strength, Newlight energy solar blankets are constructed with a solid copper backing and thick connectors for higher efficiency. Weatherproofed to ensure they outlast the harsh and sometimes unpredictable conditions!

The solar blanket is constructed of high-quality canvas, allowing it to be flexible, lightweight. Besides, our foladbale and portable solar blanket is also suitable for homes, businesses, marine like yacht, saiboats and RVs like motorhome, caravans, remote industrial.

Benefits of Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are really easy to set-up and even easier to pack-up and store. Drape it over your trailer, hang it off the side of the awning or spread it out across the ground to start soaking up those rays.

when it’s time to find your next camping spot, fold up the blanket and pack it away – a lightweight design saves space and weight in crowded vehicles. No need to struggle with heavy glass solar panel while they are still designed to be tough and durable.

we now have Panasonic high efficiency 156*156 solar cells to make flexible solar panel and solar Blankets. it is high power and durable use.