Why Choose Our Wave Solar Light With Flexible Solar Panels?


With Smarter intelligent remote controller, set up different work time and different work hours, save energy, make 365 days working well.


Modular Management mode


Selection of LED and Applications

  • Anti-dazzle
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Controllable inputs
  • Good secondary heat dissipation structure
  • Reduce the thermal resistance of LED and
    secondary heat dissipation between installation
  • Control rated input power


Selection of Battery and Design


High Quality Equipment


Ordinary solar light VS our Wave solar light comparisons

Ordinary Solar Lights

Our Solar Lights

Single and rigid shape

Curved structure can be made

Low efficiency

High efficiency


Short of rainy and cloudy days


Long of rainy and cloudy days


On site controlled by operator


Intelligent Control


We are the top biggest WAVE solar street light and garden light manufacturer in China

which use semi flexible solar panel combine to LED light. Our wave solar lights are different with traditional solar light use glass solar panel, rigid shape, glass easy to broke and dusty on top, in stead of that ,we use flexible solar panel can make curved design, higher efficiency layout for the limited space.



Our solar product ranges:


Our wave solar street light high performance for wind resistance even Hurricane or Tornado bad weather conditions. Here from client reported after Hurricane ‘Irma’and ‘Maria’ in US and Caribbean countries 2017.


Considering to choose CORRECT solar street and garden light is very important!

Let us look at two videos that cheap cost but low quality solar street light are burning during works.

Currently in solar lighting market, some vendors intentionally to get orders, they use cheap materials, solar panels not only low efficiency even existing defects, battery not only lower capacity than named on datasheet, also cheap cost battery make they only choose bad quality, that is why light is burning in working.
Obviously, even though you bought one cheap solar street light for example 30W power, paid 280usd, but due to bad quality burned out after 6 months, it means cost will be 46usd per month!
If you choose good quality solar street light like our wave solar street light, for example 30w paid 500usd or 600usd, it could work at least 5 to 10 years lifespan, it will only cost to you at mostly 8-10usd per month!


Be carefully vendors sell cheap price solar light but say very high LED power and low capacity solar panel and battery. Like LED power 100W but solar panel only give 25W or 30W and battery 12V/20AH or 30AH.


our wave solar street light and garden light some projects show

Our manufacturer Video show