20W LED Solar Lantern light with flexible solar panel solar wrap pole 2FSG039

20W LED Solar Lantern light with flexible solar panel solar wrap pole 2FSG039

Product Scopes

It has been widely used in villa, Home Communities, Garden, resort, pathway etc.

Descriptions & Advantages

1. Use the advanced and thinnest film CIGS Amorphous flexible solar panel, real 360 degree curved angle without any issue wrap on ROUND POLE, lifetime more than 15 years;

2. CIGS Amorphous flexible solar panel can absorb solar energy even cloudy days that other solar panel without function;

3. CIGS Amorphous Flexible Solar film Thickness only 0.33mm, bent and anti-knock;

4. Flexible solar panel warp on pole, make it unique design, no need extra bracket of solar panel, save installation cost, better wind resistance than universal solar garden light;

5.  Light diffuser with different engraved style is optional, can make pattern according to client.

Light Source

LED (Pure color and Warn color for option)

Color Temp: 3000K/6000K

Lifetime more than 50,000Hours


Optically Control, Time Control, Anti-overdischarge, and Short-circuit Resistance.


Solar panel area with luminum alloy or steel material, other steel pole coated with electrostatic spray for anti-salted, anti-acid, rust resistant.

Working Modes

Automatically power on a day off in the night. Adjustable power is available.


Power of  Solar CIGS flexible solar panel  80W wrap on pole
Power of  Light 20W
Battery Type Lithium Battery, recycle more than 1500 times, good quality 12V/20AH.
Total Height 3000mm
Color Temperature 3000K- 6000K
Working Temperature -20″C~55″C
System Voltage 12V
IP Rating IP 65


Project pictures:

Flexible solar panel and LED fixture could be changed position- up or down to change:

Product Linker: https://www.xmnewlight.com/20w-led-solar-lantern-light-with-flexible-solar-panel-solar-wrap-pole-2fsg039/