LED 40W Solar Tree With Flexible solar panel on pole 2FSG044

LED 40W Solar Tree With Flexible solar panel on pole 2FSG044

Product Scopes

It has been widely used to Garden, Resorts, Villa, Courtyard, Pathway etc.

Descriptions & Advantages

1. Use the advanced and thinnest film flexible solar panel in the world;

2. thickness only 0.33mm,bended and anti-knock;

3. solar panel with great energy absorbing even weak sunshine;

4. flexible solar panel wrapped around on pole, nice and unique design;

5, we make standard pole for flexible solar panels to wrap, if need customized pole, need discuss before order.

Light Source

LED (Pure colar and Warn color for option), LED fixture like leaf to go up glowing.

color Temp: 3000K 6000K

Lifetime more than 50,000Hours


Optically Control, Time Control, Anti-overdischarge and Short-circuit Resistance.


Solar panel area with luminum alloy, other steel pole. Coated with electrostatic spray for anti-salted, anti-acid, rust resistant.

Working Modes

Automatically power on at day off in night. Adjustable power is availabe.


Power of the Solar Flexible solar panels: 160W(80W*2pcs sections);
Power of the Light 40W(6000lm);
Battery Type  Lithium Battery 12V/45AH
Total Height Pole 4 meters;
Color Temperature 3000K- 6000K
Working Temperature -20’C~55″C
System Voltage 12V
IP Rating IP 65