High Power Wave Solar Street Light With Flexible PV

High Power Wave Solar Street Light With Flexible PV

Ideals for highway, parking lots, countryside Road, pathway etc projects;

240W semi flexible solar panel use 4pcs*60W flexible solar panel to connection:

Flexible(Wave) solar street light Characteristics:

  • Flexible Monocrystalline solar panel:  flexible solar panel high efficinecy, 240W(60W*4pcs), lifespan is up to 25 years;
  • Light Source: LED is characterized by high luminous efficacy, Philips 5050 chip, high lumen brightness, low depreciation, long lifetime, direct ligting type like bird head nice design, good heat dissipation and light weight;
  • Controller: MPPT function, optically control, time control, anti-charge, anti-overdischarge and short circuit resistance;
  • Pole and bracket material: Superb arbon steel pole coated with hot-dip zinc and electrostatic power coating spray, anti salted, anti acid and rust resistant. bracket of solar panel made by high regidity polymer material;
  • Intelligent remote controller: Smart handheld remote controller can read and set up different work time, different brightness power. it shows the voltage and current of solar panel and battery, intelligently to manage solar light.
  • Working time: Automatically turn on in night and turn off at day. we set up at factory before 4 hours full power then half power to next dawn. of course, it can set up according to different cases.

Each wave solar street light is an independent power system, the installtion is easy and convenient just like planting trees, no need bury with outer fill-in and special distribution equipment to install, which saves a large amount of manpower and material resources.

Management Model:

90W LED flexible solar street light datasheet:

(Flexible-wave solar street light datasheet will be changed according to different solar radiation and work hours, give project location and details, engineer will help to design the best configurations to save your cost)

power of Flexible solar panel 240W(60W*4pcs)
LifePO4 good quality battery capacity 12.8V/180AH
power of light 90W >13500lm
Color temperature(CTT) 4500K
working temperture -20℃-60℃
Total height 8m/26FT
recommend distance between light 25-30m
wind resistance 27m/S
rainy or cloudy days last 5-7days

Flexible(wave) solar light                 Glass solar light(traditional light)

Advantages of flexible solar light with flexible solar panel:

  • Different structure

No glass encapsulation and super light ultrathin model of flexible solar panel, realize the integration design of light, ensure that the aesthetic effect of lamps and lanterns.

  • High power generation

High efficiency 25% flexible solar panel in combination with All inclusive design, ensure the light power generation efficiency in different sections and loations.

  • Durable advantage

No glass encapsulation makes solar panel tougher, more durable and be with longer lifespan.

  • Intelligent advantage

Advanced intelligent lighting control, anto light, turn on/off automatically, also can use remote controller to adjust different power and different work time, not only save electricity but also reduce light pollution, makes more humanized.

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