Solar bollard light round pole with new design 2FSL060

Innovative solar bollard light round pole with new design 2FSL060

1. solar bollard height 800mm or 450mm for optional;
2. The lamps and lanterns material: aluminum + PC;
3. 2 w, luminous flux 200 lm;
4. 2 w monocrystalline silicon solar panels with LifePO4 battery ;

3. 2V/2000mAh;
5. sensor range:6 ~ 8 meters, the induction distance sensing point of 90         ~ 110 degrees;
6. Working mode: shut down during the day, the evening to work automatically, with motion sensor to detected;
7. housing color wooden and black color standard, other color is available when reach quantity.


power of solar panel Mono 2W
Battery capacity LifePO4 battery
Power of LED light 2W
work time Automatically turn on at night and turn off at day; normally 10% of full power work, when sensor detected 100% power to work
charging time 4-6 Hours
Work temperature   -20℃~55℃
Applications solar bollard light for garden, villa, resorts, courtyard etc

drawing of solar bollard light 2FSL060:

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