Panosonic New Tech High Efficiency 22-23% Flex Solar Cells with Double Sided power generation

Panosonic New Tech High Efficiency Flex 22-23% Flex Solar Cells with Double Side power generation

In order to improve solar panels special for semi flexible solar panels high efficiency in the world, Recommend solar panels laminated factories to use Panasonic new tech flex solar cells which is cheaper cost comparing to SUNPOWER flex solar we kick off hot sell line: [email protected]

Introductions why choose Panasonic new tech high efficiency flex solar cells?

High Efficiency monocrystalline hetero-junction double-sided solar cell(HTD), can generate from both sides, it is used N-type monocrystalline silicon as substrate, thin layer of intrinsic hydrogenated amorphouse silicon is deposited on both side of silicon substrate followed by the P-type and N-type thin film silicon.

This process improved the performance of PN Juncton, enabling the HTD solar cell to achieve one of the highest conversion efficiency in the world. HDT solar cell has low manufacturing process temperature, high conversion efficiency and low temperatuere coefficient.

High Efficinecy Panasonic New Tech Flex solar cells video show:


  • High efficiency 22-23%. 5 lines busbar to connect circuit, improve 10-20% efficiency than traditional solar cells;
  • Double side power generation. it could be used to flex solar panels, better for double glass solar panel, rear power generation can increase power 10-20%;
  • Excellent temperature performance. temperature coefficient reduced by 40% under high temperature environment comparing to traditional solar cells;
  • Flex solar cell for High stability. HDT solar cells with flex angle,compare to traditional solar cells the light-induced attenuation rate is reduced by 50%.

Real picture front and rear side:

front and rear side dimension:

High Efficinecy Panasonic New Tech Flex solar cells Specifications:

The Chip Structure of HDT Flex solar cells:

I-V Curve:

Package info: 120pcs per inner box, 10 boxes per carton total 1200pcs per carton:


Panasonic Flex Solar Cell VS SUNPOWER Flex Solar Cell as below:


Panasonic Flex solar panel VS SUNPOWER Flex solar panel as below: