535W triangle Flexible Solar Panel

1. 110W IBC flexible solar panel for RV, Caravan, Marine, sailboat, houseboat, trawlers, ships,  LED lighting , camping, charger etc.

2. comparing to SUNPOWER solar pnael, the same structure, but IBC better higher values.

3. Customized size and volltage are accepted, depends on size to change different power.

Descriptions & Advantages

535W triangle Flexible Solar Panel-NEWLIGHT ENERGY

535W triangle Flexible Solar Panel-NEWLIGHT ENERGY

PERC flexible solar panel advantages:

  • 【Good flexibility】The minimum radius of the arc that a solar flexible panel can reach is 40cm(15.75 in).It is allowed to be installed on trailers, boats, cabins, tents, cars, trucks, trailers, yachts, trailers, roofs, or any other irregular surface.
  • 【Light weight & easy to install】It is only 0.1 inches tall and weighs only 3.97lb, which is very suitable for the assembly of invisible solar energy. And the solar panel is easy to transport, install, hang, and remove.
  • 【High conversion efficiency】High efficient monocrystalline solar cell, adopt unique back contact technology and remove electrodes on the solar cell surface that block the sunshine to increase the solar panel conversion efficiency up to 50% more efficiency than ordinary.
  • 【High-quality material】The solar panel is made of KPC. KPC material has higher light transmittance and longer service life than ordinary materials. KPC materials ensure the best performance day after day. The backplane adopts TPT, which is good for heat dissipation, waterproof, high temperature resistance and easy to clean.
  • 【Wide range of application】 It is very suitable for 12-volt battery charging. Multiple panels can be connected in series to charge 24/48 volt batteries. It needs to be used with the controller to protect the battery, and the solar panel can be easily connected to the solar controller/regulator.

Big structure 535W PERC triangle customized flexible solar panel datasheet:

535W IBC High Efficiency Flexible Solar Panel(3pcs connected)
Peak Power(Wp): 215W+215W+105W
open circuit voltage/VOC(V) 28.57/28.57/28.57
max power voltage/Vmp(V) 8.71/8.71/4.26
short circuit current/Isc(A) 9.59/9.59/4.69
max power current/Imp(A) 24.7/24.7/24.7
minimum bending radius(mm) 450
max system voltage(VDC) 1000
dimension(mm) customized with triangle
weight(kgs) 6.5
Above specifications at standard test conditions(STC) 1000W/M², AM 1.5

cell temperature 25°C

535W PERC flexible solar panel drawing

535W triangle Flexible Solar Panel-NEWLIGHT ENERGY

Installation picture

535W triangle Flexible Solar Panel-NEWLIGHT ENERGY

535W triangle Flexible Solar Panel-NEWLIGHT ENERGY