Solar Light

Solar Wrap Light pole Instead of Tranditional light

If you are looking for a way to trim your yard, then you may want to consider adding a solar light to make it active for solar garden light and solar bollard light(solar lawn light and solar wall light) ;

If you have project which is a public street or pathway road, it should be to work with local government, for different design with good quality, you may need look for unique solar street light to be sure winning the project, consider Solar wrap light pole, wave solar street light with flexible solar panel.

it is the time to smart solar light, it is new era that we can break into new solar technique energy, solar light not only for lighting also be with aesthetic structure to build up more nicer atmospheres.

Solar Quality

The quality of solar panels is an important consideration. The rate at which light converts solar energy into usable energy is determined by this factor. Therefore, this determines the charging time of the lamp. we use High-efficiency flexible solar panel has conversion rates of up to 22-25%.

Our company Xiamen Newlight Energy focusing on high quality solar light with flexible solar panel and unique design, we are an advanced company for LED solar street light,LED solar garden light,LED solar landscape light,LED solar lantern light with flexible solar panel, LED Solar Bollard light.

We have different solutions for solar wrap pole and wave solar light:

1. SQUARE Pole Solution Of Solar Frame on Wrap pole

2. ROUND Pole Solution Of Solar Cylindrical

3. ROUND Pole Solution With Solar Frame Which Is Cheaper Cost than Solar Cylindrical

4. WAVE Solar Light With Flexible Solar Panel