100W Flodable SUNPOWER solar charger-Solar Blanket

100W flodable SUNPOWER solar charger-Solar Blanket 2FFM117B

  • For RV, Motorhome,Caravans, Marine yacht, Boat, Fleet, camping etc applications
  • high efficiency flexible solar panel
  • Model: 2FFM117B

100W Flodable SUNPOWER solar charger-solar Blanket 2FFM117B

Solar cells except SUNPOWER 125*125, also can use another semi flexible type Panasonic 156*156, also high efficiency to 22%:

100W solar blanket back picture, our technique different with others, we laminated fabric together with solar cells, not just sewing fabric on panel, it makes solar panels long time lifetime and high output:

100W solar blanket connector picture:


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